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Memories of the garden roses of a memorable summer? Of a rose you got from someone very special? Or simply a desire for roses... even in winter? Then make it best durable. Roses can be waxed and dried, among other things.

You can get "flower dipping wax" for waxing roses. This is heated in a water bath and then left to cool until the surface is streaked. Then dip the rose(s) together with at least 3 cm of the stem with a twisting movement and pull it out again with a further twisting movement. The wax must tightly enclose the petals so that they do not rot later. Be careful when drying so that the wax does not crack.

Sensitive colors are white and yellow. If the wax bath is just a little too hot, the petals turn brown. It is best to test them with a single leaf. It is also important to immerse the flowers only once in the wax, otherwise there will be ugly clumps on the flower.

To dry roses you need a dry room in which the air can circulate. Wash the stems of the roses thoroughly before the drying process and dry them well so that they are not rot. Now hang the individual roses upside down (important!), or bind them tightly together with a rubber band to form bouquets and hang them up.

After drying, you can not only adjust the roses or distribute them decoratively, but also, for example, use them to make a ring. The latter is suitable as door, wall or table decoration and is still beautiful during the winter.




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